Bright Day
On behalf of RTL
Concepting + Design


Inside the RTL nieuws app the BRIGHT DAY 2016 pre-roll will be displayed. While the video is playing there will be a button showed for users to click on. After the click the users will find out more about the BRIGHT DAY event inside the RTL nieuws app. The "info shaker" will make this possible.


When the user clicks the button a new image is shown. It is a picture of the new location for the BRIGHT DAY event. In the picture are elements of the event like dronce racing or virtual reality. When the user shakes his or her phone a new image appears. This time a different picture of the new location combined with something different to do at the event.

The shake icon will shake on its own every few seconds to remind the users that there is more to see. After a few seconds of not shaking the phone switches images on its own.

This way the user can explore the new location and learns more about the program during the event. All in an interactive way. From each picture it is possible to buy tickets and to see what the location is and the date of the event. Users will be greeted with a last picture that invites them to the event. See you there!